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Red Hot Chili Peppers

When The Red Hot Chili Peppers announced a UK stadium tour, there was one thing they were certain of - they had to have fireworks! Their production company came straight to Star Fireworks and explained the band wanted fireworks at the end of their shows, to appear behind the stage so that the audience could see them clearly. Our designers jumped straight on a plane and flew to the first location, Edinburgh's Murrayfield Stadium - [...]


Big Brother

Work on Big Brother starts early, before the show even goes on air. Our designers work with the show producers and directors to choose effects, firing locations, plot camera angles and plan cues. Every time a winner leaves the house they are greeted with a huge firework display, pyros all over the house and set and a stunning blasts of glittering confetti showering the audience and set. We don't just produce the fireworks though - [...]