When you want the best musical firework display, hire Britain's reigning "Champion of Champions", Star Fireworks. Stars of television and masters of wedding fireworks they have what it takes to produce blockbuster events. Their expert choreography will move and amaze your audience. 


Ascot Racetrack Bonfire Night

Star Fireworks annual Bonfire Night display at Ascot Racetrack is a legend throughout Berkshire, Hampshire and Buckinghamshire. This charity event organised by Ascot Round Table is dear to the heart of all the team at Star Fireworks. So much so that in 2017 Star Fireworks was the main sponsor.

We travelled from London to watch the fireworks at Ascot Racetrack, and it was definitely worth the trip. I have to say I felt a bit silly when I started to cry, then I looked around and realised I wasn’t alone. Awesome, beautiful fireworks. Thank you
— Jenny Bringham

Every year Ascot Racecourse starts jump season with a Fireworks Spectacular Family Raceday. Taking place on the first Saturday in November, entrance is free to under 18's, and fairground rides are open throughout the day. For Star Fireworks the challenge is to provide the cherry on the cake. Many of the crowd have enjoyed a heart spinning day as their horses raced to the finish line. Delicious meals and ample libations all add to the fun. Fortunately, we have our ace in the hole, "Fireone Computer Firing System". Thanks to Fireone's state of the art technology, Creative Director Andy Hubble can produce spectacularly original shows. Fireworks are perfectly choreographed to a stirring musical score and the crowds never fail to jump up and down in delight.