Wedding Glamour

This is the party you have been planning since you were 5 years old, the dress, the ceremony, the flowers, you know exactly what you want. However, have you thought about what it takes to create an unforgettable evening? Wedding Fireworks add instant star-studded glamour and electrifying entertainment

Wedding fireworks are also a wonderful way to thank your groom for the hours he spent following you around venues and listening to discussions on table settings. Let's face it, guys love fireworks, so why not surprise him with a mesmerising display your friends will be talking about for years.

Fireworks for Wedding Reception.

Fireworks for Wedding Reception.

We had an amazing display by Star Fireworks at our wedding in August. They were very helpful and friendly while we made our plans in the lead up to the wedding and on the big day itself, everything went perfectly and they managed to keep it a secret for our guests all the way until the first firework went off into the sky! The display was brilliant, so many of our guests mentioned how much they enjoyed it - it was certainly one of the biggest highlights of the whole day. Thank you to Sean, Gareth and all the team at Star Fireworks!

Packages For Wedding Reception And Anniversary Firework Displays

By choosing Star Fireworks for your wedding firework display, you will not only have a professional fireworks display from the British Fireworks Champions of Champions, but you will also have the assurance of advice and support from a company that has performed at thousands of weddings. Star Fireworks has over 40 years experience creating fabulous wedding fireworks!

Each of our wedding packages has been designed to create a truly wonderful display that will remain firmly placed in the memories of all those present on your special day. We have designed packages to suit every budget and venue. Choose from one of our stunning packages or contact us about creating a bespoke display designed to fulfil your wedding fantasy.

Star Fireworks Wedding Packages can be customised to suit all types of celebrations. Anniversary's, sixtieth birthday parties and renewing your vows are all great reasons to throw a party. Book Star Fireworks and your party becomes a glorious, unforgettable celebration. 


What could be more romantic than a display perfectly choreographed to your favourite music? The song that was playing on the night you met, the song you danced to when he proposed. Take That’s Greatest Day or Chistina Perri’s A Thousand Years, the sound track of your love makes an incredible accompaniment to our emotionally charged displays.    

Pyromusicals are computer fired, typically with 3 firing positions. This allows us to create a visually wide, high-intensity display. Creating patterns and crossing stars throughout the display is all part of the package, stand back and get lost in the moment!

Quiet Fireworks For Noise Sensitive Venues

Noise restrictions are an issue for some venues throughout the UK, which is why we have scoured the best firework factories to bring to you our quiet fireworks display packages. 

These packages have been designed to bring you the most vibrant of colour combinations and fill the sky without causing distress to local livestock or wildlife.

Colourful streamers from our roman candle bundles or the dancing fish and strobe effects from our low noise display barrages are just a few of our fabulous effects. As the display culminates in a shower of golden rain from our special brocade crown and twinkling silver strobe waterfalls you will lose yourself in the amazing colours and visual effects.

The packages shown gives you a guide to our value packed displays. However, every display and venue is unique. We would love to talk to you and create the firework display of your dreams.

My warmest thanks to you and your team for a spectacular display on Saturday night. My Daughter was totally surprised by the event and thanks for your team’s effort in keeping the secret. I received nothing but positive reviews from the surprised guest. I have only one daughter and live in Belgium but did pass the name Star Fireworks to some of the guests from the area.
We all had a wonderful day and your display enhanced that enjoyment.

Special Effects & Extras

Special effects and extras must be ordered with a display package. Only sparklers and cannons may be ordered without a display.

Indoor Fireworks For First Dance.

Indoor Fireworks For First Dance.

Dancing On The Clouds

Some other suppliers offer you this effect using a cheap smoke machine, cooling the effect with normal ice. When the smoke warms up again it will start to rise and fill the room with a smokey haze!

Dry Ice is solid carbon dioxide that is heavier than air thus providing a low blanket of fog that will amaze your guests.

The whole effect will last around 6 to 7 minutes more than enough to cover the your first dance.

Sparkler Send Off

The perfect ending to a perfect night. Sparklers can create a romantic send-off or add glamour to your cake cutting ceremony. They are sure to enhance your evening photographs  Don't forget to add sparklers when you book your package.

50  Gold Sparklers      £16.99

100 Gold Sparklers      £33.99

150 Gold Sparklers      £48.50

200 Gold Sparklers     £65.50

Sparklers for Wedding Receptions.

Sparklers for Wedding Receptions.

Heart Shaped Shells

Three bright red heart-shaped shells explode high in the sky. £30

Lovers Catherine Wheel

A Giant Catherine wheel which starts as a static double heart with an arrow running through it, encased in a star shape. This then slowly starts to rotate into a fast spinning wheel, truly mesmerising. £150

wedding 1_574859968.jpg

Confetti Canons

From an indoor reception to an outside celebration our CO2 Confetti blasters have the power to fill the air with a range of confetti and streamers. We have coloured paper, foil colours and even red foil heart shapes. All our confetti and streamers are colourfast and flameproof.

Stage Pyrotechnics


Ice Fountains spaced around the dance floor add theatre and romance. They also make a stunning back-drop for cake cutting or champagne toasts. Star Fireworks stage pyrotechnics will add a touch of Hollywood to your photographs and memories. 

We only use high-quality pyrotechnics suitable for indoor use. These are ideally used in a larger venue as we require a small safety distance between the Stage Pyrotechnics and the spectators. 

A driveway lined with Ice Fountains is another elegant technique to ensure the Bride and Groom feel like royalty for the day. £150

Silver driveway fountains £150

Popular Effects For Romantic Photographs

Heart Set Piece

Personalise your display with your initials on either side of a glowing red heart elevated on a custom made stand £100.

Start Your Own Show

The Bride, Groom or special guest can hit the FIRE button to start the show £30 

Express Your Love With Sparklers

Ask your photographer for help creating special sparkler photographs. 

10 Reasons Wedding Vendors Should Offer Firework Displays By Star Fireworks

  1. Wedding Fireworks are a growing trend, venues that offer Wedding Fireworks are often chosen for the most luxe weddings.

  2. Star Fireworks offer the best value Wedding Firework Packages in the business. Bride's father's love Star Fireworks.

  3. Star Fireworks team leaders are highly trained, and certified by the British Pyrotechnists Association.

  4. We carry up to ten million pounds public and product liability insurance.

  5. We have pyrotechnic teams all over the UK, with many based in the London area. This makes scheduling a breeze and ensures we are available even on short notice.

  6. Our hugely popular Silver Value Package is available to venues in Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire

  7. We have a reputation for unobtrusive setup and excellent after show clean up.

  8. We offer quiet firework displays out of respect for livestock in rural settings.

  9. We have many inquiries about our wedding displays. When we are your preferred provider we will bring you clients.

  10. We are happy to attend Wedding Fairs and explain to Brides why your venue is the perfect backdrop to our jaw dropping displays.