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Star Fireworks have been the first choice for Local Authorities hosting large and medium scale events staged anywhere from London to right across the country. We understand the need for value for money, creativity, originality and the all-important WOW factor.

Our Work for Local Councils is not limited to Bonfire Night; Christmas Lighting events, New Year's Eve parties, shopping centre grand openings and ribbon cutting ceremonies are all in our portfolio.

We are well equipped to create multi-media events that bring tourists to your city and thrill local residents. Check out our array of special effects and contact us for help creating an event they will be talking about for years.   

Liverpool City Council barge fired display.

Liverpool City Council barge fired display.

The 30th Anniversary of Derry's Halloween Festival 

In 2016 we were chosen to create and perform a firework display for the 30th anniversary of Derry's world famous Halloween festival.

This incredible event brought a huge boost to both the city's tourist industry and local shops. Feedback on social media was incredible.  

Halloween is certainly a good date to choose if you are looking to bring tourists to your town or paying guests to an event. Everyone is chomping at the bit for fireworks as Guy Fawkes approaches. Why not beat the rush and contact Star Fireworks for our help in staging a unique event.  

If you would like to read more about Derry's Halloween Festival head over to our blog, "The Best Holiday Escapes For Firework Lovers."

Bracknell Christmas Lighting Event

Bracknell Christmas Lighting Event

All Local Authority tenders include breakdowns of firing sequences and multimedia incorporation, together with full safety documentation and company statements on BS8555 (environmental management) and BS8901 (sustainable event management systems).

We work with you, attend your meetings, and produce a show unique to your venue – whether for ten events across a city or just one.

On behalf of the team at the district council please pass our thanks on to your team for this year’s fantastic finale and snow and stage pyros at our Christmas in Coalville event last Saturday. The addition of stage pyros and real snow went down a real treat at this year’s event. The feedback via social media has been positive and we feel you did the people of Coalville proud.
— Coalville Town Council
We have had such rave reviews for the fireworks this year both from the public and the newspapers.
— Alison and Rob
Photograph courtesy of Derry Tourist Board

Photograph courtesy of Derry Tourist Board

Star Fireworks British Champion of Champions in Plymouth

For many years British professional firework display companies discussed the need for a competition that would demonstrate their growing expertise and artistry. In time a partnership was formed between the City Council of Plymouth and  The Event Services Association (TESA). TESA is a trade organisation that services the outdoor events industry.

In 1997 The British Firework Championships were started. Over the years the championship has grown and now 10's of thousands of viewers flock to Plymouth in August.

Six professional display companies are chosen each year to take part. On the sixth year, there is a Champion of Champions competition between the winners of previous years.

In 2010 Star Fireworks were proud to be declared winners. With the Champion of Champions competition fast approaching Andy and Sean put their heads together, determined to bring home the accolade. 

Let's just say the rest is history. In 2013 Star Fireworks was declared Britain's "Champion Of Champions". If you would like to see some spectacular fireworks head down to Plymouth in 2019 when Star Fireworks will be defending their title.


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