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When you are planning your wedding in London, the most exciting city in the world, you know your wedding reception just has to rock!
Let us take the stress off your shoulders with our outrageous jaw-dropping firework displays. This is your night, you deserve to feel like royalty. Guaranteed to wow your guests our displays are the perfect backdrop for unforgettable memories and out of this world photographs. When it comes to your wedding reception, your display is our display and our displays are Star Quality.

Our local London team have completed their City & Guilds accredited training program. This training is preferred by the best wedding venues in London as it carries an assurance of quality and safety.

Not just for Weddings, our displays add glamour to Anniversaries, Birthdays and May Balls.  

We had an amazing display by Star Fireworks at our wedding in August. They were very helpful and friendly while we made our plans in the lead up to the wedding and on the big day itself, everything went perfectly and they managed to keep it a secret for our guests all the way until the first firework went off into the sky! The display was brilliant, so many of our guests mentioned how much they enjoyed it - it was certainly one of the biggest highlights of the whole day. Thank you to Sean, Gareth and all the team at Star Fireworks!!

While every show has bespoke elements, we have put together the following Price Guide To Wedding Fireworks In London. We are happy to work with you and your venue to create an out of this world event. Shot for shot our wedding displays are the best value in the business. We find that as there is so much to pack into your party, intense displays of 5 to 10 minutes are often enough to energize and wow the crowd. For society extravaganzas, 15 minutes choreographed to your favourite soundtrack will have them talking for years.

For venues with noise restrictions we offer low noise versions of each of our packages. Sourcing the best low noise fireworks from China and Europe our talented designers create displays full of mystery and magic.


Our Wedding Display Packages

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Sapphire Wedding Package

For the firework enthusiast, our Gold package is seven minutes of pure heaven. An incredible 530 shot aerial barrage fills the sky with Brocades, Crackling Willows and Crossettes. Fired from four locations this is a jaw-dropping marriage of colour and majesty.

As Strobes and Horsetails rain down 2 Golden Fountains and 4 Strobe Fountains rush up to meet them in a cacophony of excitement. Your thrilled guests will clap and cheer, focusing on the gently extinguishing Bengal Lights.

Imagine their delight as a massive 250 shot finale explodes across the sky. Truly a tribute to your love.


Emerald Wedding Package

An intense seven-minute display fired from four locations with 630 aerial shots this wider display is a true aerial ballet. Gold and silver rain features in waves of crisscrossing Palms. Crackling Willow Shells add to the image of a magical storm-tossed fairyland.

For a unique show, we can even feature your wedding colours.

Four gold fountains and four strobe fountains ensure that there is plenty of mid-level action while four twinkling Bengal Lights bring the audience into the display.

There is a gentle pause before 300 professional display shells, barrage the sky in a stunning grand finale.



Diamond Wedding Package

Stand back Harry and Meghan, Berkshire couples choosing our Platinum Package will have a wedding reception worthy of Royalty.

This ten-minute display has it all. A stunning 1100 aerial shots, fired from six locations, will fill the sky with a hallelujah of pyrotechnic artistry.

Peonies and Crackling Willows will follow Brocade Crowns in rapid succession. Whistling Fish will dance through Crackling Palm Trees, to say nothing of the 4 Golden Fountains and the 4 Strobe Fountains fanning across the night sky in a glorious race

Naturally, our finale is a show-stopping unprecedented 400 professional shots, high above the heavens.

All we can say is, "don't forget to breathe".


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Ruby Wedding Package

Diamond Wedding Package
What can we say about the Ruby Display? This display has everything the EmeraldPackage has the same seven-minute duration. However, into that seven minutes, we pack 630 shots, for a breathtaking intensity rarely seen outside of arenas.

Our 400 shot grand finale will bring tears of joy to the eyes of the most sophisticated firework fan. For large weddings, this premium display ensures everyone has the perfect view.

Additionally, the Bride and Groom have plenty of time to enjoy the show while posing for delicious, unforgettable photographs.



A La Cart Menu

Dancing On The Clouds

Confetti Canons

Heart Shaped Shells

Heart Set Piece

Start Your Own Show

Sparkler Send Off


Bespoke shows with all the magic of our Platinum Display, choreographed to a soundtrack of your favourite romantic songs. 
With a recommended duration of 10 - 15 minutes this is truly the experience of a lifetime.

£350 per minute.


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