So many of our guests mentioned how brilliant the fireworks were - it was such a big part of making our day perfect.


From star quality pyrotechnic shows to professional displays for small venues our Wedding Fireworks will light up your night.





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Special effects

Star fireworks is a full-service special effects company. Check out our many options, you will be surprised at all we offer. Mix and match with pyrotechnics for displays that bring audiences to their feet, breathless with awe.


Our Technology

Star fireworks use FireOne™, the world’s most advanced digital fireworks, firing and choreography system. Fireone™, the Photoshop® of the fireworks world is synonymous with precise and innovative firework displays.

This little red box helps our designer choreograph jaw-dropping pyrotechnic events. It is just one of the ways we strive to stay ahead of industry technology.

Our technical knowledge and experience is world class and we bring it to every show.

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10 reasons to choose star fireworks

  1. Trust the many high profile clients that Star Fireworks currently works with.
  2. All our professional display crews are trained to the BPA accreditation.
  3. Current holders of the National Firework Championship "Best of the Best" winners title.
  4. Star Fireworks have a wealth of knowledge and experience in explosives and health and safety management.
  5. Star Fireworks creative team has developed a range of multimedia elements that can be added to any production. Laser shows, CO2 Jets, Confetti Cannons, and Snow Machines are just the beginning.
  6. Star Fireworks has a reputation for incredible value and on budget shows.
  7. Star Fireworks pyromusicals are choreographed with artistic flair and cutting-edge technology. 
  8. Star Fireworks have a wealth of experience when it comes to creating displays in City Centres, often firing from barges or rooftops to create shows visible to large crowds.
  9. Professional display teams across the UK. We have the trained manpower to service your event on the busiest nights of the year. 
  10. Our customers love us. Just read our reviews! 

Thank you for everything. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with all your professional team. We look forward to working with you again, hopefully in the near future.
— Christina Aguilera, Production Manager

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