10 Reasons You Should Have A Professional Bonfire Night Display


1. Eustress


Did you know that watching Fireworks produces a state of euphoria known as "eustress"?  Eustress is a pleasant or curative stress that occurs when the brain feels fear while knowing the experience is safe, similar to riding a roller coaster. When the brain is in a state of eustress the fear element alerts our attention and amplifies our pleasure in sites and sounds.

Without eustress in our lives, we become bored and even depressed.


2. Subjective Wellbeing

An Australian study called “If You’re Happy and You Know It: Music Engagement and Subjective Wellbeing,” showed the extent to which subjective well being is improved by going to live music concerts.

Our audiences have reported the effect is amplified by the experience of watching fireworks during a pyromusical.  Many of our customers tell us they experience a sense of joy that lasts days after the show.


3. Team Building

Corporate clients enjoy the team building bonhomie that results from a Bonfire Night firework celebration for employees and their families.  

Many of our clients say Bonfire Night is their most popular corporate event.

Star Fireworks many corporate clients also enjoy our personalised laser shows with brand colours and the company logo shining in the sky.


crowd image fireworks_516097642.jpg

4. Fund Raising

Schools, Scout Groups and Rotary Clubs find that Bonfire Night Displays are a fantastic way to raise funds. Reviews from our happy customers tell the story.

Can you please pass on to all involved our most sincere thanks for Sunday’s display. There were so many people and everybody whether part of our team or a paying guest absolutely loved it!

Must admit as the display started I got quite emotional. Luckily you were with us all the way and because of pre-sold tickets, we felt confident boosting the spend, even that very afternoon the guys who turned up suggested another something or other and went away to get it.

All in all, it was hard work but so so worth it, feedback on all the socials have been great so we will try and do another next year but plan earlier and learn from experience. And yes, we will be asking you to do it! ”
— Gill

While we would always advise our clients to plan early, Star Fireworks is the go-to company for last minute displays. As a direct importer from Europe and China, we have a massive supply of brilliant fireworks on hand. We even source from the same suppliers as Disney World. As one of the oldest display companies in the U.K., we have passionate, trained pyrotechnists across the South eager to fire your show.  

Based in Berkshire Star Fireworks Teams are ideally situated to serve Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, London and the surrounding counties.  


5. Help Your Towns Economy 

Local Councils find well-organised displays give a massive boost to local businesses. Tourists flock to town centres and spend money in hotels, restaurants and shops. Memorable displays will keep them coming back year after year.  

Small towns should not be put off by the competition of larger shows. Many people with children will choose a smaller show that is more accessible. Having a good view results in an experience that is often better than peering through crowds at a large show.

Another tip for local authorities is to choose the weekend before Bonfire Night and have a combined Halloween / Bonfire Night event. By beating the larger shows to the punch you are sure to pull in the crowds.

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The Hallowe’en Carnival in Derry-Londonderry which this year celebrates it’s 30th anniversary and has entertained and entrapped tens of thousands of people over the last four days. Picture Martin McKeown. Inpresspics.com. 31.10.16

Derry's town council saw such a boost in tourism after their 2016 Halloween Festival that they raised their budget the following year.



6. Bring Families Out To The Golf Club

Golf Club event planners should also consider Bonfire Night Dinners. Lighting up rolling greens and fairways with massive starbursts is always a crowd pleaser.  Professional teams do all the risk assessment and clean up to ensure everything goes smoothly on the night.


7. Celebrate Being British

Guy Fawkes Night is so British. In a rapidly changing world coming together to celebrate our colourful history gives participants the warm fuzzies. No one does pomp and glory as well as we Brits, which translates into some incredible fireworks displays.


8. For The Kids 


Introduce your kids to the joy of fireworks in a safe environment. If you grew up with fond memories of Bonfire Night then what better way to introduce your kids to this wonderful tradition than with a professional Bonfire Night display. Safety first is our code. 


Star Fireworks director Andy Hubble is one of the top firework safety consultants in the country so it is not surprising we have an excellent safety record.


9. Have Fun For A Good Cause

Getting involved and organising an event for charity is a heartwarming experience. What better way to have fun with friends and family than pulling together for your favourite cause. When you also get to enjoy professional fireworks it is a win-win.


10. Feel Good Publicity

Organising a free firework display ensures everyone knows your name. Every Guy Fawkes weekend The John Nike Center in Bracknell puts on a free show. People come from miles around to see this unique display performed on the Ski Slopes. Patrons are encouraged to make a donation to a local charity such as  Building for the Future, a fantastic Wokingham charity for children and young adults with additional needs.

Another win-win as crowds are introduced to the John Nike Leisuresport Complex and the work of the late philanthropist John Nike.