Top 12 Tips To Survive Summer Music Festivals in 2019


Star Fireworks display crews are up and down the U.K. in summer, bringing outrageous firework displays to Music Festivals big and small.
After polling our professional display teams we came up with their top tips for surviving summer music festivals. These guys are the pro's when it comes to both firework displays and summer festivals, so you can be sure they have good advice to share.


Top 12 Tips

To Survive Summer Music Festivals

1. Take care of your phone.

Staying connected with friends is crucial and if you can't post to Instagram were you even there? A small portable charger is the best bet for three-day festivals. For one day festivals, set your phone to aeroplane mode as this will save the battery. Keep your phone in a waterproof case, mud and puddles can be brutal.    

2. Pick a meet-up spot

Your friends may not be as smart as you when it comes to keeping their phones charged, just in case you get separated be sure you have a designated meeting spot. Even if your phone is charged service can be spotty at festivals. 

3. Pick Festivals With Firework Shows


O.K. so we think this is a no brainer. The adrenalin rush of a good firework display will give you a huge burst of energy and leave you glowing. This is especially important for three day festivals when even the most passionate music fan can start to flag. We guarantee a Star Fireworks Music Festival Firework Display will live on in your memory for years to come. Considering the cost of festival tickets, this is one way to ensure you get your money's worth! Take a look at our short clip to wet your appetite. 

4. Wear a Bumbag

Bumbags worn to the front are the best way to keep your valuables safe. Backpacks are a hassle when you want to reach for your phone or cash and all too easy for pickpockets to open. If you are staying overnight sleep with it on to protect your valuables. There are some fashionable bumbags available if you really search, honestly.

5. Bring Snacks To Save Money

Pack them in airtight containers and focus on energy-boosting bites.

6. Don't Forget To Hydrate

Sorry beer does not count. Bring a refillable water bottle and your favourite electrolyte drinks. Begin the day with a smoothie full of B and C vitamins, it will help protect you against the effects of less healthful beverages.  

7. Be Sure To Pack Suncream

There is no doubt our summers are getting hotter. Burning UV rays can get through even on cloudy days. Avoid sun creams containing retinyl palmitate as it has been linked to tumours. 

8. For The Best View Choose Sunglasses With Polarizing Lenses

Sunglasses are an essential part of your festival-going look. Protecting your eyes from harmful sun rays is only half their job. They are also invaluable for hiding your sleepy-eyed hangover from your latest crush.

9. Pack A Bar Of Natural Coconut Soap

Coconut soap can double as shampoo so you will reduce the risk of carrying leaky liquids. Plus it is eco-friendly so if you are washing under a hose it will not spread toxic chemicals.   

10. Tie A Helium Balloon To Your Tent Or Chairs

This is a smart way of finding your way back through the crowds, especially at night. Entering the wrong tent is always embarrassing. 

11. Pack a torch and check the batteries.

Tent lines are fiendish booby traps on a dark night after a few bevies.  

12. Dance Like No One Is Watching

This is your time to have a blast, we hope you have a fantastic summer.

The Team At Star Fireworks