The Best Summer Holidays For Firework Lovers

Summer Holidays are a great British tradition. Dreaming, planning and reminiscing about them help us get through our dreary winters.

If you or your family love fireworks, include a display in your plans. The following destinations combine an unforgettable experience, with the best firework festivals, competitions and displays.


Disney World

July 4th Independence Day

Start the Summer off with a bang at the happiest place on earth.  Disney and fireworks go together like apple pie and ice cream. Always exceptional their displays reach the pinnacle of pyrotechnic art on Independence Day.

True innovators, Disney launch their fireworks with compressed air, causing minimal noise and smoke at ground level. The result is an unparalleled experience of aerial acrobatics and pyro-musical choreography.

July 4th is the day to mix with jubilant locals and enjoy the party. On one of the busiest days of the year the following strategies will help you do Disney like a boss.

 Arrive early and plan to stay for the day. Parks reach capacity on the 4th. Tickets and reservations will not guarantee admittance.  

Purchase tickets 30- 60 days in advance and take advantage of  Disney Worlds Fast Pass to book your rides.

Pace yourself, pre-book onsite restaurants and drink plenty of water. With a little planning, you will be full of energy and excitement when the fireworks begin at 9pm.



July 14th Bastille Day

Coined the “City of Light” Paris is the perfect cultural holiday destination. Never more so than Bastille Day, a confection of pomp and high art.

The day begins with a military parade down the Avenue des Champ-Elysees. Arguably the most beautiful avenue in the world, filled with patriotic flags it is quintessentially French.  

After a break, to take in the museums and restaurants, the crowds reassemble at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Here they are treated to a grand concert of operatic works. Partying and gossiping they cheerfully wait for the piece de resistance.

 At 11pm the firework extravaganza begins. Fired from the brilliantly lit Eiffel Tower a Cancan of colour dances across the Parisian skyline. Breath taking perfection is the only way to describe it. The Tower could have been built for this very purpose.   

If you are looking for a more relaxed way to take in the spectacle, consider a Dinner Cruise on the Seine. Many restaurant terraces also offer fabulous views. What could be better? French cuisine and fireworks.    

Plymouth boats.jpg


August The British Firework Championship

When it comes to a good old-fashioned beach holiday it is hard to beat Britain’s Ocean City. Surrounded by golden sandy beaches it is the perfect destination for family fun and watersports.

Every August it is home to The British Fireworks Championship.


Star Fireworks

Champion of Champions winning display 2013.

Andy Hubble Creative Director of Star Fireworks says, “Professional firework companies are a competitive bunch, when we come to Plymouth we bring our A game.”

This free competition is fired from the Mountbatten Breakwater. The displays are designed to be seen from Citadel and The Hoe. On a still summer evening the fireworks reflection ripples across the Harbour like molten starlight.

For years Japanese and Italian companies have dominated the pyrotechnic stage. However, a trip to Plymouth demonstrates we have them on the run. British companies are embracing the latest technology and developing colours and intricacy rarely seen.

There is no better opportunity to view world class fireworks.



July thru August The International Firework Competition 

A UNESCO City of Design Montreal is an exhilarating mix of architectural innovation.

Situated on an island in the St Lawrence river, it’s parks, marinas and outdoor cafes all contribute to a bustling continental vibe.

The International Firework Competition is one of the city’s most popular Summer attractions. Spanning five weeks, shows take place every Wednesday and Saturday night. Pyrotechnic companies gather from around the world to compete for the prestigious Jupiter award.

While the best views are from the grandstands at La Ronde Amusement Park, locals all have their favourite spot to spread a blanket and enjoy a free show.

As the St Lawrence River mirrors the magic in the night sky, photographers compete to capture the exquisite beauty. Children gaze in wonder and another generation of firework lovers is born.



July Sumida River Firework Festival

The plethora of lavish firework festivals in Japan makes it difficult to choose which to visit. However, many are in hard to reach destinations, best left to the locals and die-hard fans.

The Sumida River Festival combines top notch fireworks with a visit to the vibrant city of Tokyo.

Tokyo fascinates with its ability to maintain artistry and order in a city of 13 million people.

The constant striving for excellence which imbues Japanese culture is apparent during the Sumida River Firework Festival.

20,000 different fireworks explode in complex designs. Delicate patterns are followed by monstrous flowers. Losing yourself to the displays it is easy to believe you are in the garden of the gods.