Star Fireworks Apprentice Of The Year

Antony Green is a self-declared fireworks nut. At age 15 Star Fireworks gained a special permit from the local authority so Antony could work behind-the-scenes in the company's fireworks shop. Move forward 3 years and 18-year old Antony is still with the company, and now undertaking a government-sponsored apprenticeship at Star Fireworks. We think, the firework world will be hearing a lot more from Antony in years to come.

Antony Makes The Press 4.png

When did you first fall in love with fireworks?

When I was really young at a fireworks display at school - St Margaret Clitherow School which might actually have been fired by Star Fireworks. I remember that there were two halves - it started off quiet and then it went to a loud section after a little break. The quiet bit was actually really loud, and the loud bit was even louder, and it took everyone by surprise! I remember a bloke running off to fire shells in the next field, I remember concentrating on the team doing their work and thinking I would really like to do that one day.

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What is your favourite Star Fireworks firework?

I definitely prefer Category 4 fireworks - the ones we use in our professional fireworks that cannot be sold to the public. My favourite professional fireworks are shells and in particular, the really big ones we have. The jellyfish shell is really good, ghost shells are amazing too, and I love big brocade crowns and of course titanium salutes - I love loud fireworks! 

What would your autobiography be called?

It would be called ‘Umm…’ because they say I say it a lot at work! 

What music would you include in the pyromusical of your life?

That’s a really good question. I like lots of different types of music, but I would probably not include some of the regulars - I like my music to be different. 

What do you like best about being an apprentice at Star Fireworks?

Learning a lot about a lot of different things. Quite a vast range of different things - the business, fireworks and explosives. I love the fact that Star Fireworks are the British Champion of Champions and clear leaders in their field. It’s such an opportunity, we’re not just a little company and it makes a big difference. If we were talking about High School, Star Fireworks would be the popular kids. We have such a large firing crew - they’re all great, you can’t really complain.

What innovations would you like to see adopted by the fireworks industry?

I would like to see more lasers and multimedia shows - they really add an extra dimension. Star Fireworks has its own laser equipment which I’ve been fortunate enough to do some design and programming with which I found really interesting. The more we can do in the multimedia field the better.

How would the staff at Star Fireworks describe you?

These are such hard questions! Enthusiastic, committed, tall, that I have a genuine love of fireworks, talks a lot, that I’m a bit of a joker (I think I’m hilarious), it’s good that we all get on well!

What else would you like your fans to know? 

I also love lighting (the kind you find on stage or in a nightclub), I’m a really good ice-skater and used to street dance. I was the Southern Champion in 2010! I’ve also taken part in dance competitions in Blackpool. I’m also a bit of an actor and have performed on the West End Stage and have even appeared in Billy Elliott the musical!