How To Light Up Your Reception With Wedding Fireworks in 2019

Did your Grooms eyes sparkle as you approached the fireworks stand at a wedding show? Are you considering how to add glamour and excitement to your reception? If you answered yes to either of these questions you should consider a wedding firework display. With so many decisions to make and many calls on your budget, choosing fireworks can be a little daunting. We have put together this quick guide to answer your questions.


How to light up your reception

With Wedding Fireworks

1. Will my venue allow fireworks?

While fireworks at weddings are a relatively new trend, their popularity is growing. As they are de rigueur at A-list weddings, many of the best venues now offer fireworks. Be sure to check with potential venues before you make a booking. Some venues only allow low-noise displays. There are a number of super, low-noise fireworks available. However, if you have your heart set on a dramatic, aerial extravaganza, then probably best to keep shopping.

Golf Clubs such as Sonning Golf Club in Reading are often marvelous choices as they are surrounded by sound muffling greens and so are open to dramatic displays.

2. How much do wedding fireworks cost? 

Again this is often controlled by the venue. Most venues have preferred suppliers. In many ways this is a good thing, as you can be sure their suppliers are safe and trustworthy. However, if you find they are cost prohibitive, ask if they offer a second choice.

Star Fireworks offers attractive and affordable wedding packages from £600 to £2000. Fireworks choreographed to music begin at £1500. If a pyromusical is not in the budget consider asking your DJ to play a medley of your favourite romantic songs during the show.

3. How long should our display be?

As fireworks are the icing-on-the-cake of a fun-filled night we find 5-10 minutes ideal. Work with your display company to find the duration that fits your budget and dreams. Would you like an intense five minutes when you pop the champagne cork or a languid backdrop for your photographs? 

4. Will fireworks enhance our photographs?

The night of your wedding is one you wish would never end. Unfortunately, it often rushes past in a champagne-induced blur. This is where spectacular photographs come in; they bring back each special moment and capture your memories for a lifetime. With a little planning, fireworks will ensure your photographs are ravishing. If your photographer has not taken photographs of fireworks before Nikon has a great article.

Be sure your photographer is set up to get the best shots. In the excitement of the moment, it is easy to miss the perfect image. A back view of the happy couple watching the show, a side view of you kissing as the sky explodes and a photo of your guests looking on with amazement are all essential keepsakes.

5. What special effects should I consider?

The most popular special effect has to be "Dancing On The Clouds". This dreamy unforgettable effect is achieved with dry ice machines and indoor pyrotechnics. This has long been a Star Fireworks staple and is sure to deliver gorgeous photographs of your first dance. The deliciously romantic mist will also hide any flubbed steps! For low-noise displays a twinkling, silver strobe waterfall adds unearthly beauty. Last but not least, lining the driveway with silver fountains makes for a captivating sendoff. With so much going on you may want to place chalk board schedules around your venue.


6. Should I have sparklers?

Sparklers are an economical way to have a lot of fun and produce stunning photographs. Teaching your guests to write with sparklers is always good for a giggle. Have you head bridesmaid or best man take on this task. All you need is a DSL camera and a tripod. For the love photo have one person write in cursive and one draw the heart. Group efforts as in the cool photo are a little easier. As the camera produces a mirror image you should write backwards or flip the photo in an editing program. Set the exposure for 5 seconds and count down as you press the button, one potato two potato etc, so everyone begins at the same time. If your writer finishes early they should hold in place until the shutter closes or as in the cool photo continue to trace the path of their letter. Extra long sparklers (18") are recommended for these techniques as you want to avoid singed fingers. Keep buckets of sand on hand labeled "Please place used sparklers here".   

7. How much space do I need ?

Should you be planning a Wedding in a large back garden or an intimate setting you may be wondering "how much space do I need for a firework display?" Star Fireworks designers are happy to discuss displays involving indoor fireworks, silver fountains and cakes that can be safely used in smaller areas. 

8. How can I add excitement to my budget wedding?

For budget weddings a lot can be achieved with sparklers and confetti canons. Display your sparklers in galvanized buckets of sand. This also serves as a safe place for your guests to  dispose of their used sparklers.



Confetti canons

If you are ready to embrace the breathtaking wonder of wedding fireworks contact our designers for any help you may need.

Our thanks for the superb photos by NordWood Themes on Unsplash , Collin Armstrong and Fábio Alves on Unsplash


Sparkler send off

A glorious end to a glorious night