11 Top Wedding Trends For 2019 According To Local Suppliers


2018 was a year for spectacular Royal Weddings, with all the pomp and circumstance we love to share. Naturally, this will affect wedding trends in 2019. As with most years, we have seen trends that are new and trends which have been growing in popularity until they are de rigueur for Weddings in 2019. We hope this list will inspire engaged couples to design their 2019 dream wedding.


1.Big Cakes Are Back!

Cupcakes and dessert racks dominated the Wedding scene for the past four years. For 2019 the trend has returned to tiered cake with a few on-point flourishes.

Sonja Izaguirre of Little Cottage Cakes says

" there is a definite trend towards marbled sugarpaste this year. It is a great way to subtly incorporate the couples' wedding colour scheme into their cake. It seems to have become my speciality as I have so many booked in for this year."

For Sarah Daemmon of Tiny Sarah's Cakes hand painted cakes are gaining in popularity as a way for couples to incorporate both their wedding colours and their interests.



Berni Palumbo, a Wedding Photographer in the Berkshire, Surry and Oxfordshire area says,

" Velvet will definitely be a significant trend this year, for bridal shoes, tablecloth, bridesmaids' dresses and more"

Photo by Khaled Ghareeb on Unsplash

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3.Exotic Destination Weddings

Destination weddings have long been popular with older couples. When you are tying the knot for the second time, spending a week with those you care about beats a big bash. Blended families get a chance to get to know each other. Where better than the hotel pool for a good bonding session. For 2019 the trend is towards exotic locations where stunning photo-opportunities abound. Adventurous well-travelled couples are looking further afield for unique romantic spots.

Photo by Orlova Maria on Unsplash


4.Weddings Inspired By Nature & The Countryside

Weddings that take advantage of our beautiful British countryside is an unstoppable trend. As Joanne Kent of Berkshire Wedding Fairs says, "For 2019 barns, barns, barns, outside weddings, barns, barns, festival weddings, boho weddings, barns, rustic, tipi weddings, barns, glamping.....all things to look out for if you want to be a trendy hippy bride.”

For old country homes and farms this is a welcome source of revenue and hopefully will help keep these beautiful buildings around for future generations.

For the true country effect focus on greenery and wild grasses with minimal table settings, wispy lace dresses and handwritten place cards.

Decorate the outside area with slow-burning procession torches for the perfect Boho atmosphere.

Photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash

Pink and Purple galaxy cake courtesy of Tiny Sarah’s Cakes

Pink and Purple galaxy cake courtesy of Tiny Sarah’s Cakes

Photo by  Carlos Vaz  on  Unsplash

Photo by Carlos Vaz on Unsplash

Photo by Berni Palumbo  https://bernipalumbo.com

Photo by Berni Palumbo https://bernipalumbo.com

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


5.Vintage Weddings

Do you have a decade you adore or a novel you would love to live in? Vintage weddings are a fun and simple way to create a unique event.

Kate Cook of Vandalised With Love designs custom hats for every period. We just love her darling Pill Box creations.

Photography by Yuliya Colley for Vandalised With Love

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6.Wedding Reception Firework Displays

Whether you loved or hated Harry and Meghan's Christmas card, there is no denying that Firework Displays will be an essential element of sophisticated two thousand and nineteen weddings.

Andy Hubble creative director of Star Fireworks says, "There is a growing demand for pyro-musical displays choreographed to the couples favourite songs.”

If a pyromusical is not in your budget consider having your DJ create a compilation of songs to play during a sapphire display or perhaps a sparkler send off.

Firework displays create such euphoria that they ensure the perfect finale to your perfect day.

Photograph of Star Fireworks Wedding display by CJ Barrett Photography.

Photo courtesy of http://www.abitofadoberkshire.co.uk/

Photo courtesy of http://www.abitofadoberkshire.co.uk/

Afternoon Teas are gaining in popularity as the perfect accompaniment to vintage weddings
— Tanya from A Bit Of A Do Catering
Photo by  Fábio Alves  on  Unsplash

7.Vegan Weddings

4. Vegan Weddings

One of the fastest growing trends for 2019 is the Vegan Wedding. In the UK, the number of people identifying as vegans has increased by 350%, compared to a decade ago, according to research commissioned by the Vegan Society in partnership with Vegan Life magazine. Not surprisingly there is a growing demand for vegan weddings.

Linda Fahey of Linda Leonard Hair & Make-up has Brides cueing up for her vegan cosmetics while Sarah Daemmon of Tiny Sarah's Cakes offers a selection of personalised vegan wedding cakes.

Photo courtesy of Tiny Sarah’s Cakes


8.Ballon Walls

With the growing awareness of environmental issues, balloon walls will replace balloon releases as a way to incorporate these perennial favourites. As Aimee Smith of Celebrate Balloons says,

"the balloon industry is working hard to stop balloon releases and encourage people to enjoy balloons but responsibly dispose of them.

To quell a few common myths - latex balloons are not plastic; they are latex made from the sap from rubber trees. As a natural product they are biodegradable.

The helium used by the balloon industry is not pure helium which is a finite resource. Pure helium is sold to priority users such as hospitals; once this helium has become tainted, i.e. oxygen or other gases leak into it, it can no longer be used by hospitals. The suppliers then rebottle it and sell it back to the balloon industry”

Photo courtesy of Hana Laurie

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9.It Is About The Groom Too

These days couples often live together before marriage. As a result, couples are used to making decisions together. The emphasis is away from an event planned by the Bride and her Mother, to a celebration of the interests of the couple. This will often include elements men enjoy, such as luxury cars and fireworks displays.

Phil Carroll of of Wedding Super Cars say’s “The Grooms Men will often get together to hire a luxury car for the Bride and Groom. It makes for spectacular photographs.”

Photograph courtesy of Wedding Super Cars


10.Shoes You Can Dance in Until The Sun Comes Up

Undoubtedly weddings are getting longer. From the ceremony to the last dance the Bride can easily be on her feet for 20 hours. Many Brides resort to trainers and provide flip flops for their guests.

Chrystal of Imaani Bridal Shoes says, “Many wedding shoe makers are working hard to find a prettier solution, look for built-in comfort features including padded insoles, non-slip outsoles, adjustable ankle straps and a wide fit, that enables you to be elegant and comfortable while walking, standing or dancing. We embellish each pair of our wedding shoes by hand with crystals or elegant trims for a look that is beautiful and timeless ”.

Photographs courtesy of Imaani Bridal Shoes


11.The Big One: Personalisation

The grand conclusion from all we have heard is that 2019 is the year of the personalised wedding. There are many options for couples to create an event that is a unique expression of their relationship and creativity. Engaged couples are joyfully embracing this flexibility.

Alison from Springwood Ceremonies says, “ The wedding ceremony lends itself to personalisation at a whole new level. With a celebrant-led ceremony couples have the freedom to express themselves and their personalities.”

Alison shares a few tips, “First of all, think about how you’d like your ceremony to feel, once that’s agreed it sets the tone for all the other elements. Be creative with the location (remember you may need to legally get married separately). You don’t have to stick with the traditional ceremony space layout. How about a circular space with you in the centre? Think of a way to bring all your guests together with a group song or a group pledge. Choose or write a reading that truly says what you want to say to each other. Involve talented friends to create something unique to you – from a custom cake design to a piece of art. Just a few ideas of how to create a ceremony that’s as individual as you are ”

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Photo by  Tiko Giorgadze  on  Unsplash
Photograph courtesy of Celebrate Balloons

Photograph courtesy of Celebrate Balloons

The juxtaposition of contrasting tones and textures will be on trend for balloon decor this year. The metallic effect paired with muted tones such as stylish Rose Gold. The natural feel of greenery both with or inside of balloons and finally balloon decor the industry labels ‘organic’ - a mix of sizes, tones and flora that combine to make backdrop walls and framing arches will be staying in the mix for 2019.
— Aimee Smith of Celebrate Balloons
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Scott Jolly of https://www.j23events.co.uk/ creates one of a kind LED lights for reception dance floors.

Scott Jolly of https://www.j23events.co.uk/ creates one of a kind LED lights for reception dance floors.

Photo by Berni Palumbo  https://bernipalumbo.com

Photo by Berni Palumbo https://bernipalumbo.com