10 Fun Events To Raise Money for Your Local School Or Favourite Charity In 2019

Local councils and schools seem to be chronically underfunded these days, and charities and PTA's are often called upon to close the gap. Creating a fun event is an effective way to get past donation burnout. We hope this list will help you get inspired and excited about creating a fundraising event.


1. An Old-Fashioned Village Fete

If you have the use of a large garden, farmers field or school playing fields, a Village Fete can be a fabulous draw on a balmy summers day.

The fundraising opportunities for this event are endless :

. Ticket sales for food and drinks

. Bake offs followed by a bake sale

. Jumble stalls

. Raffles

. Renting out booths to local crafters

Consider asking a local dance school or choir to provided entertainment; they are often glad of the exposure.


2. Doggy Olympics

What could be better than a day spent surrounded by doggy cuteness? Who doesn't want to show off their four-legged offspring? Agility courses, dog and owner races, pup fancy dress, ugliest Heinz 57 and dog and owner look-alike are just a few of the contests that can be offered.


3. A Vintage Tea-Party

If you are looking for something on a smaller scale, consider throwing a tea party. Adding a vintage theme allows everyone to dress up and enjoy a time when life was less hectic. Enrol your friends who love to bake and end the party with a bake sale. A contest for the most original hat or costume will also add to the fun.

Photography by Yuliya Colley for Vandalised With Love


4. Proms For Parents

Proms are one of those transatlantic imports that seem to be here to stay.

Parents of older teens often look on with envy and comment, " we didn't have those in our day. " School PTA's can use this as a way to turn the school hall into a fantastic fundraising venue. Enrol a DJ, hook up a disco ball, stick a few candles in bottles and you are ready to go.

As you can surmise the age of your crowd, it is easy enough to select a playlist from their school days. A night of romantic nostalgia is a sure antidote to the stresses of parenting teens.

In the USA Proms For Moms has taken off as a fundraising event. A ladies night out and an auction of old Prom dresses are the main fundraising activities.

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5. Halloween Party

Who doesn't love to play dress up. Glam or ghoul getting away from the ordinary is an enjoyable way to spend the evening. Red carpets, photobooths, best costume contests and haunted houses all add to the entertainment.

For a unique event go with a Day Of The Dead theme or add a firework display.

Adding fireworks is a sure-fire way to increase attendance. If you are not sure if a firework display is for you, check out Star Fireworks blog, 10 Reasons you should have a professional fireworks display.


6. Photo Auction

Photo auctions are an excellent way to raise awareness of your charity while also appealing for funds. Ask volunteers to provide photographs that exemplify why this charity is important to them.

Everyone gets carried away at an auction. Lay on a classic gallery opening with prosecco and canapes and your guests will be sure to loosen their purse strings.


7. A Bonfire Night Firework Display

The reason so many schools and Round Tables organise Bonfire Night fundraisers is….. they work!

They are also surprisingly easy to arrange. Most reputable firework display companies will arrange all the permits, insurance and risk assessments. All you have to do is spread the word and sell tickets.

For an in-depth look at this option check out Star Fireworks Blog; 10 Steps To Organising A Bonfire Night Fundraiser.


8. An Upcycled Fashion Show

Do you have ‘sewinistas’ in your circle? An exciting way to raise money plus raise environmental consciousness is an Upcycled Fashion Show. The rules are simply that all outfits must be created from previously worn or used items. Charity shops are a fantastic source as are the wardrobes of your most style-conscious friends. For volunteers who want to take part but don't know their way around a sewing machine, combing clothes to create a fresh look is also acceptable.

Selling tickets, auctioning the outfits, plus a bring and buy stall are ways this event can be a winning fundraiser.


9. A Favourite Decade Karaoke Party

Drag your secret rock star out of the shower and on to the stage. Karaoke is always good for a giggle. Up the ante by having guests dress up in clothes from their favourite decade and preselect appropriate songs. This is such addictive fun that you could make it a quarterly event. If you have a community-minded landlord, they may be willing to donate some floor space and a percentage of the drinks sales. Especially if you choose a slow night.


10. A German Christmas Market

Carols, mulled wine and glittering ornaments bring winter cheer and the gift of giving to all who attend. For this festive fundraiser rent stalls to local crafts-folk, sell tickets for mulled wine and enrol friends and family in baking mince pies.

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